Diy roger beep

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Diy roger beep

Some people hate it, others love it.

diy roger beep

Simply put the roger beep is a tone that sounds when a radio operator un-keys their microphone. The tone can be short, long, or even a combo of multiple tones.

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The intention of the roger beep is to let the other operator in the conversation and any other people on the radio know when the person talking is finished and is no longer on the key. In many cases when the radio is very quiet and there are only two people on the channel than the use of the roger beep is not really necessary as both parties will be able to hear the other person un-key and can tell if they watch their meter that the signal has stopped being transmitted.

In reality the roger beep can be a very useful function, but there are many people out there who would be happy to never hear one again. That opinion has been generated most likely by the general overuse of the roger beep in situations where it is not necessary. For example — when two people live in the same town and are not more than 2 miles from each other and both are running with their roger beeps on for over an hour while they key and un-key the tones can become seriously annoying.

They is no need for them to be on and it really is just a frivolous use of the function. Another example are the roger beeps that are unduly long or have the multiple tones a. These roger beeps have been modified to the point where they are more like noise toys than roger beeps, ruining the intended purpose. I say this because when talking skip, especially on SSB when the other station is very far away and is not giving a strong signal the roger beep really can come in handy.

When living in Hawaii I found this to be true, especially when talking with Australia or many of the Pacific Islands. Often the stations would un-key and without a roger beep I found myself waiting a longer period of time before responding and in many cases as skip faded in and out we would be talking at the same time. When a station was using a roger beep it was always much easier to tell when they had un-keyed and it helped the conversation move along more smoothly.

Roger beeps are not for everyone, and I personally have encountered a number of people who complain about their use or will tell you to turn it off. But I do believe that they can be useful and serve a purpose in the CB radio realm. The key really is in respecting the roger beep and not to use it as a toy. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Roger Beep — useful tool or annoying toy?Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Quick links. Ad blocker detected: Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

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diy roger beep

A forum for the discussion of matters of a technical nature. All such activities are undertaken at the readers discretion and own risk. If you don't know what you are doing, don't blame us if it all goes wrong!

Yeah you can buy them but wheres the fun in that. Theres a circuit in the export manual so knocked it together on veroboard. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. But thats just me. Yeah thought of that but looks fiddly and I want to make it reversible. Wired it in last night but Im wondering whether the positive supply should go to tx positive. Id wired it to the on off switch and it isnt operating as expecting, and thinking about it the timing cap will never discharge if its connected to a permanent positive?

Again I want it reversible as at least one of the Rotel 's I have is virgin haven't received the second one yet but I like the second iteration of yours. Assuming this could be made to work on the chassis?

diy roger beep

If you want one ready made give Cubwolf a shout, he makes them. I used to make and sell them years decades ago, even etched my own PCB's in the kitchen.

Are the relays to fit the pcb still available?I have a soft voice, and tend to under-modulate when I am transmitting. This is especially problematic when using single side band on a noisy High Frequency circuit. So I have borrowed this idea from a commercial HF radio company which I am told originally borrowed it from NASA : send a short tone or beep at the end of your transmission to signify to the other party that you have finished talking.

There are many roger beep circuits available on the net which I could have copied, but where's the fun in that? Also, I wanted the following features:. Did i mention I wanted a low parts count? The TINY does pretty much all of the work here. All inputs are interrupt driven, and the output is a PWM signal based on a sine-wave look-up table. Some extra effort has been made to ensure the PWM is started and stopped at a "zero crossing" point within the sine wave, thus ensuring minimum audio artifacts or clicks are generated.

The PWM output is then filtered with a simple R-C circuit and superimposed onto the microphone audio. Aggressive use of power-down modes keeps things quiet during receive too. The pin-change interrupt feature of the TINY is used to wake it up from power down mode.

This would have to be one of the simplest and most fun projects I've ever worked on. It's often overlooked as a "serious microcontroller" due to its low pin count, but I found it ideal for this project, for the following reasons:. The code uses sine look-up table to drive a Pulse Width Modulator to generate a reasonably pure sinewave output. Only minimal filtering is then required to give that nice clean tone.

The sinewave lookup table is simplicity itself:. Design Intent I have a soft voice, and tend to under-modulate when I am transmitting. Also, I wanted the following features: A really clean tone, not a harsh square-wave. A really small circuit, to fit into most small hand microphones. A simple way of disabling the beep if required. A low noise circuit - no oscillators unnecessarily disrupting reception.

diy roger beep

Pin-Change interrupts. Built-in clock. PLL multiplier. Deep Sleep modes.Read more From all of us here at CB World, we wish you the very best. Contact CB World!

Roger Beep for CB & amateur radio.

Whether you are replacing a worn out mic from the manufacturer, or upgrading to one with a little more style or extra features, we are sure to have what you are looking for. Before you pick a new microphone, there are a few things to consider. First, you want to have the right pin configuration and the correct wiring. Next, what kind of features are you looking for?

Below, you will find definitions and explanations that will help you make an educated choice for the best CB microphone for you. There are several CB microphones available with special features that distinguish them from other microphones. Some, like echo and roger beep, are more for fun.

Others, like power and noise canceling features, can help you transmit loud and clear. Power - Power, or pre-amplified, microphones require a battery and amplify the audio before it gets to the radio. This is useful for those who speak softly, or may have a weaker signal.

The battery can be accessed either by a slide-open compartment or by opening the shell for the microphone. Speaker - Speaker microphones have a speaker and microphone component in the handset.

These types of microphones are typically used with the radios developed to work with them.

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Echo - Echo microphones, as the name would imply, produce an echo sound effect. They usually have a volume knob similar to a power mic echo mics are also considered power mics. Some also have a dial to adjust the speed of the echo. Echo microphones have a battery similar to a power mic. Noise Canceling - A noise canceling microphone helps filter out background noise while you talk.

Some of these mics are identifiable by a curved rubber strip on the front of the microphone. It is common to have to hold a noise canceling microphone closer to your mouth when you talk. Roger Beep - A microphone with roger beep will transmit a beep when you un-key the mic. This lets the listener know you have ended your transmission.

Wireless - A wireless microphone uses a base box connected to the radio to communicate with the wireless handset. Uniden makes a hand held wireless microphonewhile Cobra has a wireless microphone headset. Hands Free - Just like the bluetooth headsets available for your cell phone, a hands free CB microphone allows you to use your radio without the distraction of holding the mic.

Cobra makes wired and wireless hands free CB microphones. CB microphones are available with two types of cartridges; Dynamic and Electret. A dynamic cartridge is ceramic.

This type of cartridge is far more common. An electret cartridge is smaller and less expensive. It is a good idea to know which type of microphone your radio uses. One type typically will not perform well on a radio designed for the other.

The most important thing to consider when buying a new mic is the pin configuration.Electronic Energy Source. CB Sound Effect Headquarters.

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Quick Order Page. VCO Sweep Sounds. Tweety Bird Whistles. Sound Bytes. Roger Beeps. Sound Ofa Box. Oscilloscope Probe. Used Radios. RF Dummy Load. Used Parts. New Sounds. New Items. S lot Machine. Hand Made Face Masks by Debra. Hand Crafted Cane-Birch Pipes. Data Recovery Computer Forensics. Price List. Wounded Warrior. Vietnam Veterans. Roger Beep - Standard. Signals the end of transmission.

Radio transmit and receive functions are controlled via relay. Extra relay contacts are available on the board to facilitate control of any item requiring P. Push To Talk switching, such as a CB noise toy. W e make several versions of this product.

Each can be defeated in such a way that there is no "leakage tone" generated at all when turned off.Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Pekiasan, on 19th January, said:. All rights reserved. Sign In Create Account.

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RO s-au inventat degeaba pentru tine Daca da, atunci intrebarea trebuia formulata altfel si eu imi cer scuze pentru mesajul meu. Daca nuAll from a Single RB Board!

Roger Beep DIY

Other Models may be added in the near future! I have only heard these tones once out of 10 installations in different radios. On some they just want a beep so no big deal, others who I programmed, I literally fudged my way through and pretended to hear tones until I got it trial and error.

I recently did one that I couldn't get any programming from and couldn't hear it so I asked the manufacturer for more information about it. They have not provided a response. For now I can sell these as beep and double beep only. Programmed sounds are not yet guaranteed to work. I will try this soon. Woody W. Roger Beep Circuit X The switches on the board have specific functions to change the pre-programmed sounds in the chip. ONLY switches one and two are used to set the desired sounds.

Only Switch 1 or 2 are Switched ON at a time. Once this sound is Set, the sound will not change unless the user enters Programming Mode again to change the sound. Radios requiring technical services may be delayed 3 to 10 days. The item most overlooked when ordering a custom radio is the microphone. CAT Enterprises. Switch Settings: The switches on the board have specific functions to change the pre-programmed sounds in the chip. Radios requiring technical services may be delayed 3 to 10 days The item most overlooked when ordering a custom radio is the microphone.

Tech Library. CB Repair. Roger beep instructions. Single RB. Double RB. Coo Coo. Phone Ring. New Max. Courtesy Beep.

Roger K. Twilight Zone. Roger R. Triple RB.


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